Encourage Legislators to Support Pleicones for Chief Justice

Among the most important items that the South Carolina Legislature will consider this year is South Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean Toal’s nomination to continue serving as the state’s Chief Justice.  Several members of York County’s legislative delegation are working hard to defeat Justice Toal’s nomination, and they need your help. 
Justice Toal, a Democratic state lawmaker before her election to the Court, is an activist judge whose record on the bench does not merit reappointment.  Justice Toal’s opponent, Justice Costa Pleicones, is no conservative stalwart himself, but is strongly supported by South Carolina’s law enforcement community and most conservative members of the legislature. 
If Justice Pleicones wins, his election to replace Justice Toal as the Chief Justice will create a rare vacancy on the Court, which could be filled by a more reliably conservative jurist.  If Justice Toal wins, however, the Court’s leftward disposition will remain intact, for perhaps many years to come.
The articles linked below provide additional information on the stakes and circumstances surrounding this vote, which is nearing quickly.  Please take a moment to contact your legislators to encourage them to vote for Justice Pleicones over Justice Toal – and encourage your friends and family around the state to do the same. Legislators' contact information is available via  The contest is extremely close at this point, so every vote counts.  
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January 25, 2014
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January 22, 2014
Thank you,

Wes Climer
Chairman, York County Republican Party