The most basic level of political organization, but arguably one of the most important levels, is the precinct. Below you can find a map of York County divided by precincts. To get involved in your local precinct, contact your cluster leader, whose e-mails are listed. From there, they will direct you to your precinct president. If your precinct is not organized, you can work with the cluster leader to develop your precinct and be a part of our grassroots organization!

If you are not sure of what your precinct is, [click here]

Clover: Dennis Cameron (

Clover East: Walt Hein (

Fort Mill: Dennis Getter (

Lake: Bruce Hodge (

Rock Hill: Trudy Laub (

Rock Hill North: Tom Templeton (

Tega Cay: Jim Hendrix (

York: David Duncan (

York South East: Swain Sheppard (