York County is home to many Conservative groups that we partner with and coordinate with on activities.

Disclaimer: These groups do not fall under the official Republican Party and therefore can support individual candidates during primaries. Their endorsement choices do not reflect the official stance of the York County Republican Party.


Fort Mill Oak Initiative

The mission of the Fort Mill Oak Initiative is to promote Christian leadership, defend freedom and religious liberty, uphold constitutional government and justice for all, support respect for creation and the stewardship of life, promote charity and compassion, and honor our fathers and mothers.

We believe that our strategy will only be effective to the degree that we have leaders and active members who are the most informed and best trained possible. A basic purpose of the Oak Initiative is to develop and disseminate resources for the purpose of constantly increasing knowledge and upgrading skills to be effective citizens.

They meet every Tuesday at 7:00 pm at the Grand Cafe, Morning Star Church, Fort Mill.

President: Larry Byrd

Contact: fortmilloakinitiative@gmail.com

Website: theoakinitiative.org


GPS Conservatives for Action PAC

The main goal of our group is to recruit and help elect Conservative candidates for Local, State, and National offices in York, Lancaster, and Chester Counties. Once they are elected we hold these officials accountable if they do not meet what we consider our Conservative values based on our By-laws. We also keep our members abreast of issues that we consider important at the Local, State, and National levels. We have a Facebook page and post articles related to current political issues and events that are important to our members.

Facebook: [Click Here]

President: Tom Nichols

Contact: gpsconservatives4actionpac@gmail.com


Reaganites Conservative PAC

The Mission of Reaganites of York County is to uphold President Reagan's beliefs in the principals of individual freedom and to defend the United States Constitution. We do this by supporting fiscally Conservative Politicians and Candidates, educating our community on individual liberty and free enterprise and by acting as the taxpayer's watchdog.

President: Paul Anderko

Contact: anderkopaul@comporium.net