Rules & Bylaws


The York County Republican Party is governed by an Executive Committee, whose membership includes a Precinct Committeeman and Precinct President from each Precinct in York County.

The Executive Committee meets quarterly to chart the direction of the Party and lay the groundwork for the Party's electoral success.

As the Party's governing body, the Executive Committee has adopted Bylaws, which form the framework for the Party's governance and guide its actions.



On issues of great importance to members of the York County Republican Party, the Party will consider and adopt Resolutions.  Typically, resolutions serve as a statements of policy and are used to encourage government officials to take certain actions or adopt particular policies.

Resolutions come into effect by being drafted by a member of the Party, then submitted to the Resolutions Committee, which decides whether to forward the Resolution to the Party's Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee is the final arbiter of the Party's resolutions.

Recently-passed resolutions include:
Opposing Common Core State Standards
Opposing H. 3290 & S. 203