Welcome to the York County Republican Party! We're a grassroots-led and grassroots-driven organization.  Nothing fancy.  Just a group of friends and neighbors from around York County working together to make a difference.  From the local school board to the White House, the York County Republican Party exists to help you have an impact on the issues and elections that matter to you.  Let's get to work!

State of the Party Address: 1/25/2018

York County GOP Chairman Tyler Griffin delivers the inaugural 'State of the Party Address', going over the past year and what our goals will be for 2018.

Becoming a member of the York County Republican Party is easy.  (1) Believe in basic, commonsense conservative principles about limited government, free enterprise, and individual opportunity & responsibility.  (2) Check out the Join page and choose your membership level.  (3) Get going! Check out the Events & Take Action pages.